My living quarters are comprised of the bone meal of the bourgeois!


28 Responses to “”

  1. kira Says:

    omg. lol.

  2. William Says:

    This blog is made of pure genius.

  3. irina Says:

    usually i like to have a good laugh at my own self, and yes, the country i was born in.
    but to tell you the truth, the original text is usually funny or kind. Anyway, only someone who never lived in Soviet Russia can write something so ignorant.
    Why ignorant? Because stereotypes never did any good to anyone…

  4. comrade asshole Says:

    shut up irina

  5. codykij Says:

    yes, Irina, do shut up! after only short time in the west, you begin to display the gaseous self-righteousness of the bourgeois oppressor!

  6. irina Says:

    thank you darling! you are quite intelligent and catch on very fast!

  7. james Says:

    i think you mean bourgeoisie, not bourgeois. also, where are the jokes about the russia mafia or putin? oh wait, all russians are commies, my mistake

  8. kit Says:

    I like the original text better, I have to say. :/

  9. Gareth Says:

    the original texts are much better…
    the translations are pretty dumb, samey and unimaginative – russia used to be part of the USSR, hail Lenin and the party etc. etc. hardly a work of comedy genius.

  10. seriously Says:

    The origional taxts are NOT better. They are nicer perhaps, but on the whole they are sappy and unimaginative. There is a picture of a cat sniffing the air. The Russians say he is….smelling food… The American (or whatever) makes a crazy leap into communist propaganda-land and has him worshiping industry. Cat worshiping industry=funny. Cat smelling food=stupid.

  11. Komrad estaphen Says:

    Свободный рынок будет преобладать!

  12. Kekkonen Says:

    Love and respect to our neighbourly friends.

  13. Ivan Drago Says:

    Seriously get a fucking sense of humor you douchebags. Like the person before me said, a cat worshipping industry, cat and mouse mocking christmas, etc are fucking hilarious.

  14. Pinky Says:

    Yep, these are hilarious. I can’t understand how some people don’t get the joke. Appreciate the real translations though – thanks to the Russki’s that have done the real translations in the comments, keep em coming.

  15. Fluent Says:

    The posts are repetitive and stupid. I’m waiting for you guys to start farting and slamming beer cans on your heads! Thank you Asshole for choosing that as your name, ’nuff said.

  16. Radio Says:

    Is anyone else wondering why Fluent is still here if he or she seems to hate it so much?

  17. Borat Says:

    rolCats makes glorious feline learnings of Russia for benefit of lesser foreign infidels! Yesh kamesh comrades!

  18. Jane Q. Public Says:

    I think the mis-translations are bad. A more “real” translation would be better. Some of these are not even close to the original!

  19. Groucho Smirnov Says:

    God damn, why did Kruschev have to pussy out… we could have ended this in 62.

  20. onimatrix Says:

    Reinventing the lolcats, what an achievement! Bookmarked 😀

  21. graphicartist2k5 Says:

    i guess i don’t understand russia’s “heightened” sense of humor. oh well, i guess i’ll just have to go back to reading things that make sense.

  22. Lee Says:

    Lord there are some morons visiting this blog.

  23. Brink Says:

    Look, as a resident member of Alaska, I can see Russia from my house. I could throw a moose at them if I had to. They are a wonderful industrious people who in no way wish to crush capitalism or the corporate machine.

  24. whitehonkeycrackerbitch Says:

    This site and it’s author are pure genius. Obviously some people are not enlightened enough to laugh at themselves. We laugh at racial and cultural stereotypes precisely because they are so ridiculous. When people finally realize we are all on this planet together we’ll stop hating each other just because we are different. Sites like this are a step toward taking ourselves a little less seriously and finding the beauty in our differences. Keep em coming!

  25. Varvar Says:

    “Свободный рынок будет преобладать!”

    Well done. Now if only all your countrymen were as educated as you.

  26. dick Says:

    RUSSIA STRONG!!!!1111111

  27. RUSSIAxUSA Says:

    Wake up! Time for my breakfast.

  28. Lee Says:

    I for one welcome our new Marxist Feline overlords!

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