Paned windows are prohibited in this sector, comrade Sergei.
Will you kindly report to the Lubyanka, or will you force me to violence?…


5 Responses to “”

  1. Sara Leigh Says:


  2. Fluent Says:

    This is for people who think Dr. Ghivago is a great Russian love story, ha ha ha ha ha!! The pseudointellectuals who Wiki all things Russian love this blog! LOL Give them more fake translations, please!

  3. Harold Says:

    We, ugly Americans, sure do love to laugh – so long as its @ others’ expense. Someone hx0rz this site already. Lame.

  4. E Says:

    I love the English ‘translation’ better than what google says:

    и март уже прошёл, деревья уж цветут, когда же вы заметите, что за окном с надеждою давно уже вас ждут?

    “and March has already passed, the trees really blossom when you notice that the window of hope has long been waiting for you?”

    Keep up the good job.

  5. Anna Says:

    …This cat looks more like Javert than a seksot, but 5+ for the ‘translation.’

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