were it not for fashionable style haircut.. sniper’s bullet would have made my death.. it is true!


6 Responses to “”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Oh my…definitely my favorite yet!

    P.S. Where is moose?

  2. Harold Says:

    We, ugly Americans, sure do love to laugh – so long as its @ others’ expense. Someone hx0rz this site already. Lame.

  3. Edge Says:

    Awsome comment lol

  4. Anna Says:


  5. RUSSIAxUSA Says:

    What do you mean? Cold? I’m sweating!

  6. Throbert McGee Says:

    Oooh, a new idiom for me: “с перепоя” — which, according to Ozhegov, basically means “from too much booze.”

    Here’s my loose translation:

    So cute and furry you can hardly bear it,
    I’m not a hamster, nor a ferret.
    Invisible to the human eye —
    Unless, of course, you’re drunk or high.

    (The second line actually does say literally “not a hamster and not a ferret,” but I took some liberties with the rest of the poem.)

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