Where re-education has failed my comrade, the hangman’s noose will succeed…

9 Responses to “”

  1. Lala Says:

    My favorite

  2. Fluent Says:

    This is a contemporary commentary on the global crisis, it says:

    “In times of crisis, best hide the noose from the humans”.
    C’mon, is everyone on this blog from McCain’s generation?!! 🙂

  3. ryry Says:

    not everyone here is from McCains generation…some are from the same generation as Putin.

  4. Harold Says:

    We, ugly Americans, sure do love to laugh – so long as its @ others’ expense. Someone hx0rz this site already. Lame.

  5. Elithrion Says:

    Actually, it’s “the rope from my owner”, not “the noose from the humans.” Same sense, but hey…

  6. Sam Says:

    nice cp harold, you stupid douche

  7. Harold Says:

    I pooped in my panties

  8. RUSSIAxUSA Says:

    Oh shit, I dun even haf shoos!

  9. Throbert McGee Says:

    “Soviet Womankind, rejoice! Thanks to advances in micro-surgical techniques pioneered by the State Ministry of Health, those episiotomy sutures are now practically invisible!”

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