I swear I spoke no ill of The Party!

Submit with honor, and you will earn a proper burial among your fathers


12 Responses to “”

  1. joanne mullen Says:

    Thanks so much for these, they’re brilliant.

  2. Fluent Says:

    Is this the site where McCain hangs out (or mostly people who pre-date him)?

  3. Mona Says:

    Lighten up, Fluent.

  4. Stan Says:

    I love the actual translation to this.

    “Go home Immediately! It isn’t March yet!”

    “Let me go now!!! March isn’t a month! It’s a state of mind [or of the soul, however you want to translate it] !”

  5. Ryry Says:

    Fluent, having been brought up in a third world country like Russia you are obviously not used to the concept of free speach and humour.

    Take a deep breath, calm down and get back to picking root vegetables.

  6. durden10 Says:

    Apparently Fluent just went around to every single rolCat in the space of a single day and decided to piss on everyone’s parade…How sad…

  7. Harold Says:

    We, ugly Americans, sure do love to laugh – so long as its @ others’ expense. Someone hx0rz this site already. Lame.

  8. Harold is A Moran Says:

    Clearly you are not very well versed in the traditions of teh intarnetz. STFU and GBTW N00b.

  9. mzmadmike Says:

    Harold: Douche.

  10. Marina Says:

    I liked the original title on the picture too.

  11. Tony Y Says:

    I don’t give a rats id the translations are correct these are funny all by themselves

  12. Silly Emotional Rat Says:

    Silly emotional rats, the entire world is laughing, not just America. Stereotype that bitches!

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