Your inactivity is criminal, porcine gastropod…

Go back to Oklahoma!

20 Responses to “”

  1. Billy Says:

    Dude, I am- how you say in English? Oh yes, ROTFLMA. You must be a genius- or insane- or both!

  2. Inaccurate! Says:

    Ha! Take it from a Russian-borne, the translation is not even close to correct! Rediculous!

    True translation:

    “Sleep well, my ungainly friend, be at peace…
    Tonight, I dine not on tuna, but on pig-flesh!”

  3. Sessy Says:

    We’re not alike. A different color,
    A different weight and standing, too
    Our differences aside, I have discovered:
    ‘Tween humans, some friends are pigs, too!

  4. Ryry Says:

    OMG Russian-bourne person has realised that the translation is inaccurate. I can’t wait till the ban on humour is lifted in Russia.

  5. Harold Says:

    We, ugly Americans, sure do love to laugh – so long as its @ others’ expense. Someone hx0rz this site already. Lame.

  6. ryry Says:

    Harold yes you are an ugly american

  7. Jeff Says:

    The Russian captions are actually funny. The English, on the other hand…

  8. Gavin Says:

    …are also funny!

  9. Jake Says:

    “Porcine gastropod…” Genius!

  10. Anna Says:


    A+. The plus is for “porcine gastropod.” (!)

  11. duhuuu Says:

    I would like to have seen Montana…

  12. DyingFaerie Says:

    I really enjoy the real translation to this one. The cat really is looking a bit suspicious.

  13. RUSSIAxUSA Says:

    When medium and rare just don’t cut it…

  14. RUSSIAxUSA Says:

    Officer, “parking forbidden” says nothing about porking.

  15. Boris Says:

    Wow, I get the Oklahoma reference its to the poem Love Oklahoma, but I think thats Ukrainian/Soviet poem that made fun of it

    sorry for bad grammar, im too lazy to proofread.

  16. dee Says:

    OMG Ryry – why have it in russian if the translation isn’t accurate? why not then just use a picture?

  17. Gah Says:

    BECAUSE IT’S FUNNY, jesus christ.

  18. RuthenianCowboy Says:

    In Soviet Russia, joke gets you!

  19. Eh Says:

    I don’t speak Russian, but my roomate does, and she says it’s
    “it doesnt matter that we arnt same size, skin color, weight……

    because not only people accept pigs into their circles”

    I think that’s actually pretty funny

  20. melissa m Says:

    You translation skills, comrade, have clearly been compromised by the capitalistic forces of the internet. The caption should read:

    Your inactivity is criminal, porcine gastropod…
    Your flesh will feed the revolution!

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