Kapitan, there was an accident in the research facility!  It’s imperative we reach the acid baths…

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  1. brent Says:

    (insert inane haroldish i-don’t-get-it babble here)

    (insert duh, harold, you have no sense of humor counterbanter here)

    is funny, no?

  2. Harold Says:

    I don’t believe that people don’t realize Harold is just a copypasta bot.

  3. t Says:


  4. Denis Says:

    “If sour cream is always this aggressive,
    I will not be able to appreciate it…”

  5. Aaron Says:

    Hahaha, thats the first time i actually laughed as hard at the actual translation, as i did the rolcats version. Russians stepping it up? what?
    Great job rolcats, something so witty i almost cant stand it!

  6. Laughing Man Says:

    I’m “rol’ing” on floor laughing!

  7. porchpile Says:

    This is the funniest blog I’ve ever seen.

  8. Harold Says:

    Me so horny 4 rolcat, meow!

  9. Throbert McGee Says:

    @Denis: Instead of “to appreciate,” I would suggest “to learn to like,” or more loosely “to acquire a taste for.” (As far as I know, the verb “полюбить” normally implies that an affection for something has been developed after a certain period of time.)

    My suggested loose translation:

    “If sour cream is always this aggressive, I don’t see how I’ll ever learn to like it!”

    (I remember that in my younger, pre-college days, I used to feel the same way about beer…)

  10. grt Says:

    Best. Rolcat. Ever.

  11. Niall Mor Says:

    Comrade, for your services to the proletariat, I hereby award you the Hero of Socialist Labor, 2nd class. Keep this up and we will have to discuss that dacha in the Crimea you’ve always wanted.

  12. Throbert McGee Says:

    Ну знаешь, мамочка, после урока в Котячей Школе, я подошла к учителью и спросила, “Барс Бегемотович, а что такое буккаке?” И потом он мне объяснил, именно ЧТО такое…

    (Sorry, but I couldn’t restrain myself from that much-too-obvious dirty joke any longer. And I welcome corrections on my Russian from native speakers!)

  13. elolzabeth Says:

    ah! for once the russian is as funny as the rol translation!

    and, does “буккаке” mean bukkake? LOL

  14. Denis Says:

    That is disgusting Throbert :S

  15. Beretta40 Says:

    These “Rolcats” are funny, no? I also appreciate the actual translations.

    2 jokes for the price of 1, Comrade!

  16. Harold Says:

    We, ugly Americans, sure do love to laugh – so long as its @ others’ expense. Someone hx0rz this site already. Lame.

  17. Throbert McGee Says:

    Translating my own joke (not that anyone asked):

    What happened, mommy, is that after class at Kitten School, I went up to the teacher and asked, “Mr. Mistofeles, what does ‘bukkake’ mean?” And so then he explained just exactly WHAT it means…”

  18. elayne Says:

    Last night I dreamed I had a RolCat. One that actually spoke out loud, in Russian. That’s how much I wish there were new updates on this site. *snif*

  19. Harold Says:

    “If sour cream is always this aggressive I’ll never love it”

  20. rolcatwithdrawalguy6969xxx Says:

    My vomiting and nausea, muscle cramps, hallucinations, profuse sweating, and diarrhea have led me to post asking for more rolcat. Please? Come on dawg, be cool. I’ll s your d yo. Swear to gawd, dawg. How much you give me to see how far I can shoot this ping-pong ball out of my ass? No seriously I’ll just do it and then you decide how much rolcat it was worth.

  21. Magnus Says:

    More rolcats please.

  22. Harold Says:

    I secretly love this site!

  23. Harold Says:

    No you don’t…I mean I…er…


    This is the greatest site in the history of ever. Everything is so well written. MOAR ROLCATS PLZ K THX BAI

  25. Harold Says:

    Finally, these horrid, blasphemous rolcats have been shut down by the communism machine. ¡Praise the hammer, obey the sickle, comrades!

  26. MOAR Says:


  27. bubbles Says:


  28. Anagram Says:


  29. ganrAma Says:


  30. Harold Says:

    @ ganrAma

    I too enjoy a good POLE RAM (BTW you spelled it rong).

  31. Harold Says:

    Zomg, mas Яolgatos!

  32. Big Boys Socks Says:

    C’MON dammit!! I need a fix….

  33. Gerald Says:



  34. Johnny Tsunami Says:

    No rolcats Johnny Tsunami a very bad surfer. A we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

  35. Agnot Says:

    PleaSE, more rolcats! This is the funniest site evah!pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

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