After that act of defiance Grigor was never heard from again.  And none in the company ever spoke of the incident.  He was my best friend.


18 Responses to “”

  1. Baboomska McGeesk Says:

    At last! In these uncertain times, a new ROLcats to cheer even the heaviest heart.

  2. Johnny Tsunami Says:

    Finally! I’ve been dying here.

  3. Big Boys Socks Says:

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! Relief.

  4. digger Says:

    poor Grigor. tonight I raise a glass of wodka in his memory.

  5. Harold Says:

    I’m a bastard!

  6. Soda & Candy Says:

    Yay, a new ROLcat!

  7. Molly Says:


  8. Harold Says:

    Gregor was a fool and a coward. The Great Red Soviet Heart spits on his grave. Good Riddance, Gregor, but fear not Death’s solitude. Your family will join you soon.

  9. Throbert McGee Says:

    Huh. This is one of those times where I understand every single word of the Russian, yet somehow I’m not quite “getting” the overall point, so I don’t know how to translate it. In particular, I think I might not be understanding the significance of ворона (“crow”) in the last line.

  10. elayne Says:

    How do you say “HALLELUJAH! At last! You’re back!” in Russian?

    ::celebrating new Rolcat::

    Please, Demitri (et al), don’t ever scare me like that again.

    Throbert, throw out the words one by one and let’s see what it sounds like. Even if we don’t “get it,” we might still have fun trying!

  11. Troodon Says:

    I think it says “Oh how among those similar to oneself one wants to be different – beautiful, strong, brave! Such, in the world of sparrows, are inconvenient… Although, they will call one a CROW! Although a white one.”

    I don’t get it…

  12. Buddy Holly Says:

    ROLcats rocks.
    One of the most enjoyable places to visit on the web.

  13. andrei Says:

    The conjugations indicate that this is spoken by a female in first person:

    How desirable [it is] among [those] similar to me
    A different one to be – beautiful, strong, brave!
    Such [individuals], in the sparrow’s world – not welcome…
    [In fact,] Then, a CROW they’ll call [me]! Even if [they admit I’m] a white [one].

    The last “Zato” should be translated as “In such a situation” or “Then” (i.e. literally, “after that”, or “behind that”), not as “Although.” It’s also possible that the original author wanted to write “Za eto,” but that seems unlikely. The point is that the other sparrows will be so jealous that they’ll call you a crow, and even if this makes no sense because you’re white, they’ll still insist that you’re just a white crow.

  14. lamby Says:

    I swear people are translating the Russian into English in the comments JUST TO ANNOY ME.

    Stop it already.

  15. andrei Says:

    Please let us know what you are expecting to see when you read the comments. Some absurd nonsense? Substantive discussion about another topic? What would be least annoying to you? Because, you know, I really just want to make you happy! I’m just trying to make this work, and your attitude about it really isn’t helping…

  16. theusefullife Says:

    I like seeing the real translations. Quit ragging on people who are trying to do something nice for others who might be wondering what it really means!

    >but the fake translations are way funnier<

  17. Soda & Candy Says:

    *loving the real translations.*

    Haters to the left, please!

  18. bubbles Says:

    yup, love the real translations too. They are quite beautiful some of them..!

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